Ogden shredfest finals: Stills.

About a month ago I received a charge on my card from WordPress- and at that moment I remembered we had a website. Whoops. On the count of it auto renewed another year from that payment, I should probably go ahead and use this platform more often.

That being said, below you will find some stills I took from the Ogden Shredfest Finals. Goyk put on an amazing event once again, and everywhere showed up and showed off for this years finals.


TNB STILLS: First of many

Hi All,

It sure has been a while since we posted. As you may imagine it’s pretty hard to get out and about when we are supposed to be at home and keeping distance.

It’s been a whirlwind the last few months but today we made it happen. Our first official TNB since the quarantine. Below you will find some stills from this evening.

To many more. Stay safe!



We are living in some very, very strange times. Everyday, something new drastically changes the world we live in and our everyday lives. We know that these times are stressful, both on the body and mind, but it doesn’t mean we cant have fun while we go through it. Some of the boys decided to go out this last weekend and blade (six feet apart with air fives for props) and man did we have fun. Nothing like sunshine and frontsides on a ground rail to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Please remember that being inside- doesn’t mean we cant get out and have fun. Be responsible in your activities and make the best of a sour situation. Enjoy!


Woodward PC

Last Saturday we had the chance to get a private tour of the new Woodward Park City facilities. The campus is amazing. The building itself will house a 10,000sq indoor concrete skatepark, as well as a mini mega to foam and resi, upstairs pump track, and many other small rooms featuring street obstacles, mini ramps, and more. The facility also includes trampolines, parkour gym, and full service bar.

Outside the building you’ll find a few more outdoor concrete parks, lift access ski hills with terrain parks and rail features, dirt jumps for biking, and the most amazing pump track you could ever imagine. It’s the first time most of us felt this giddy since we were kids.

Utah Blade Scene members have been offered a special monthly rate of $80 per month, with a three month commitment. Please contact me if you’d like to be included in the program.

Thank you!

Kirill Braynin

Spot Check: Vans Bowl

Head over to the Utah State Fairgrounds and you’ll find the newly built Vans bowl. Yesterday some of the boys met up at to check out the waves. The bowl itself is massive. The transitions are huge, the cement is smooth, and it’s incredibly well built. Chris Napoleon had already been a few times and it showed. He went full speed for airs and coping. John Dickerson put a few tricks in the bag on the big quarter, including a perfect a/o topsoul. Train came through with a top porn stall on the extension that was huge, first try at that. If you get any free time head over and check it out. Just make sure to bring a helmet as they’re required at the park!

Photos by Kirill Braynin.